Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Teaching {Hovercrafts}

There were certain concepts that were always met with a groan when introduced in class. Maybe this was because the concepts were taught them over and over again and they were certain nothing exciting was coming out of the lesson that day. Which made me want even more to find and create awesome projects to demonstrate the science principles!

One such principle was Newton's 3rd law - Every action has an opposite and equal reaction. 
A common example of this is letting the air out of a blown-up balloon. As you let the air out to your left, for example, an equal force pushes in the opposite direction (into the balloon) and causes the balloon to propel to the right.

Using this same concept, we can harness that equal and opposite force to create a simple and quick hovercraft.

With that brief introduduction, I'm sending you over to Scientific American to create such a hovercraft. Let me know your results! 

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