Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anything Else Fridays {Spice Container Labels}

Our Friday this week falls on Wednesday. Or atleast, a boating adventure tomorrow gets me feeling like it's the weekend already! This week, I wanted to spice up our .. spice rack. Zing!

We've been in the market for a spice rack since we moved into our everything-is-bigger-except-the-kitchen apartment to free up some much needed cupboard space. A nice wood one was our first choice, and we scored one off Craigslist for $10!

Included were the dull generic bottles, identical, making it ridiculously hard to tell the 32 spices apart and adding 10 minutes to dinner prep time.

I shopped around for some new spice container labels and only found blank labels that you write on yourself. AH. Not going to ruin my new beautiful spice rack with my squigglies! I decided to make them myself. Another excuse to break out the tiny graphic designer in me. 

I like to do test prints on lined paper so I know exactly where on the paper the graphics will print. Put it in the correct way a normal lined paper would lay and see which side/corner your design comes out on. It's foolproof!

The initial plan was to use Avery labels with their printing template. Sounds easy, right? Should've been. But, the Martha Stewart version I got sadly printed out really runny - not even a step up above my squigglies. So, for the (hopefully) temporary time, I've just cut these out from printer paper and glued them on the blank labels.

Not ideal, but I invite you to imagine what they look like from really far away :) Even with that hiccup though, I feel like they add lots more personality to the kitchen. I love them! 

Let me know in the comments if you'd like the sheets I designed and in what format (Photoshop/Word/PDF). I'm going to try these with the normal, non-Martha Stewart Avery 1.5" labels soon to see if they work. Enjoy!


  1. You are so creative! I love these! They turned out really cute! thanks for sharing!

  2. These are darling! I'm not sure rainbow sprinkles count as spices...but I'm sure Milo would disagree with me (and in our house, they're definitely more-used than some of the others!)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing!! These are exactly what I have been looking for on the internet for the past hour! I even have the right sized labels. I would love to get them in a word .doc (in case I need to add ones that you do not have). Just let me know how to download them.

  4. These labels are awesome! Could you provide them in word.doc format so that I can add other spices. Thank you.

  5. Am wondering how they turned out for you, when you printed your stickers in normal, non-Martha Stewart Avery 1.5" labels? (# 8293 Yes?) I would love them in word or a pdf. Doesn't matter. Thank you so much!