Friday, June 22, 2012

Anything Else Fridays {Finishing up}

I'm real excited (and relieved) to report the Projects Completed this week!

Other side of Pillow cover for baby girl's room. Design by cluckclucksew

Still no curtain rod, but I'd say this baby girl's room is done! Finished the race, but hasn't gotten the medal yet kind of done :)

Flip side of the pillow
This gallery wall was tricky! I had a few different arrangements that I really loved and so I put the different sizes of paper on the wall only to discover that the spotlight above gave really weird shadows! So I decided nothing could go underneath the middle one, which is going to house a cute typography of our family mission statement. So I had to go out horizontally. In the end, I made a single breakage line on both sides of the middle frame and matched up the little ones to keep the breakage line obvious through the whole thing. Yes, I made up the term breakage line. It's the new planking.


  1. wow you really have been busy! emma's room is so crazy cute. i love it. where do your talents end??

  2. Your projects look awesome! I love the pillow and gallery wall! :)

  3. Go Mrs. V! I am glad you opted for a family picture wall :) The fruit picture I am sure looks great in the dinning room.

  4. Hi there! I know this is a very old blog article but I just came across it and I love the arrangement of you family picture wall. Do you know the sizes of all the frames that you used? I need to duplicate this asap! Thanks Mrs. v!!